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Is your workplace singing like a choir?

Posted: May 18, 2017

Over the past few months, in my personal life, I have been living through a very challenging situation created by a business that continually and consistently fails to understand the far reaching impact of their poor internal processes, and the extremely poor level of customer service given as result of this dysfunction. And while they have said, on many occasions, they are open to hearing feedback and open to the idea of change, it simply doesn’t happen.

Unfortunately, in both our personal and professional lives this is not an unusual experience, as I’m sure every reader can attest to. Sometimes we have the option of simply never using a business again, because no matter how many chances we give them, they just don’t change. In other situations, such as the one I find myself in, making a change is not an option, and so I continue to provide feedback and continue to hope they will see that change can actually make the workplace better for them, and make customer service better for the person who is most important – the customer!

All of the above leads me to my question: Is your workplace singing like a choir? Or, is every employee considering themselves as a soloist?

In business terms, I’m asking if each and every employee in your workplace is aware of, and interpreting, your business rules, processes and procedures in the same way as everyone else at your workplace, and more importantly, in the way that Management expects and thinks.

How many times have you done business with an organization and received different information, on the same topic, from each different employee you’ve spoken to there? Does that same thing happen when customers speak to you and/or your employees? And, have you actually tested this out recently to be sure it isn’t happening in your own business?

Testing this out can be as simple as chatting with each employee and finding out how they understand and interpret something. You could also arrange for a customer satisfaction survey to be done, and ensure you allow for comments to be included rather than solely having check boxes. You could hire someone to do a Mystery Shopping expedition, or, depending on the size of your company and your own role within it, you could do this yourself (think “Undercover Boss”).

Even more important than just moving forward with any of the above, is understanding that receiving the feedback means nothing if there is no plan, and no willingness, to make necessary changes. Far too often companies are presented with a gift of feedback from their customer. Yes, that “gift” could come to them in the form of a complaint, but nevertheless, it is a gift. Not showing appreciation for the feedback, and not making change, when possible to do so, will simply stop those customers from giving you their feedback, and their business. Even worse, particularly if ignored, these folks could instead give negative comments to their friends, family, business associates, etc, etc, etc.

As a consumer in both my personal life and business life, I highly recommend that every Manager/Business Owner take time out to listen to the music being created in their own workplace and then determine if you are surrounded by a harmonious choir, or a group of out-of-tune soloists!

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