Testimonials + Business benefits of using a Virtual/Temporary Assistant!

Caroline is a consummate professional that is extremely well organized and motivated. She holds herself and her work to very high standards and ethics. Recently Caroline helped me with some social media strategies for my business. I am very pleased with the level of competence she has in this area and her passion for Social Media. I would highly recommend Caroline if you need help in your business!

Mary Kruger, CPCC, ACC , Career/Life Coach | Job Search Strategist Employment Interview Specialist | I help women get unstuck and clear!
I have worked with and around Caroline working in a variety of areas, both in business settings and volunteer/not for profit situations. I recently had the opportunity to collaborate on a Social Media project with her. After working directly with Caroline for a the duration of the project and seeing her professionalism and and integrity firsthand, I will not hesitate to recommend and endorse her to anyone. 
Lorne Havisto, Print and Direct Marketing Specialist
Caroline is a very professional. personable, dynamic facilitator! She recently conducted an excellent 1/2 day seminar on Networking For Business for our latest intake of entrepreneurs and we fully intend to engage her services for subsequent intakes. Very high energy & really knows her stuff!

Richard Lindfield, Trainer, Program Manager/Facilitator, Business Coach, Social Media Content Writer
During late November 2014 I sent out 20 cards to business people in my community that whilst I knew, I did not know very well. The card was designed (very simply, and in minutes using the Send Out Cards Website) to showcase the gift voucher potential of BLENZ and asked the recipient if they wanted to purchase Gift Vouchers for Christmas for their staff or customers or referrals.

The results were amazing, and drove my BLENZ gift voucher sales in December 300% ahead of last year. This trend continued into January, a traditionally quiet time for Gift Vouchers, driving sales of vouchers in excess of 100%.

Mike Chapman, BLENZ Franchisee
We have been mailing out professionals cards using Caroline Le Page and Simplified Business Solutions for the past 5 years. At Avanti Planning Group Ltd we work in an industry  where follow up and customer service is very important and operating our business in a professional manner can make the difference of keeping or losing a customer.

With the simple on-line access provided to us by Simplified Business Solutions  we are able to send a professional personal card whether it is for congratulating a client or passing along our condolences.

We have received nothing but positive feedback from clients who have received these cards and it has reflected very well on myself and the businesses I represent.

I would recommend anybody who cares about customer service take the time and explore what Caroline and her team has to offer.

Kevin Nosworthy, Avanti Planning Group Ltd.
It was a privilege working with Caroline, she is personable and knowledgable individual that always keeps her clients goals as the first priority. She is a true textbook business professional and an exceptional salesperson. Caroline is more than happy working in a team enviornment and participates well in sharing ideas, lending advice and sharing opportunities. Caroline is a very energetic person and she constantly demonstrated a high level of professionalism. I always find her resourceful and very knowledgeable with the business consulting market. She values family, friends, a challenge, and opportunity. Caroline is the girl you want in your corner when the stuff hits the fan.It’s always a pleasure to speak with her and again a privilege to have worked with her.

Paul MacDonald, Sales Director, Atlantic Provinces at Novexco

Your Benefits of using a Virtual/Temporary Assistant!

  • You can focus solely on growing your business. Often business owners and managers will find themselves taking on the tasks that no one else has time to do, when instead they need to be focused on growing the business and utilizing their strengths more effectively and efficiently. Delegating minor and administrative tasks, on an as needed basis, allows for the right people to then focus on business growth, all of the time.
  • Reduce your labour costs. As an independent contractor you won’t need to worry about paying me any additional expenses due to: payroll taxes, vacation pay, sick days, worker’s compensation and employee benefits, just to name a few. I am fully covered by WorkSafeBC and my hourly billing rates are a set amount that allows you to accurately budget your expenses, with no extras to worry about. And, since I’m not a temporary employment agency, there are no agency fees charged to you, just my hourly billing rate.
  • Have help for only as long as you need it and only on the days when you need it. I can be your ‘on-call’ go to person. Being called in for just one day of work, and just every once in awhile, is all part of the services offered to your business.
  • No time is spent setting up and interviewing countless job candidates. My skills, qualifications and references are readily available to you and a minimal amount of time is required to confirm a contract.
  • You don’t need to find an available desk and computer for work to still get done. My home-based business is fully set up with all the equipment I need. Working virtually also allows me to be flexible with my hours, which can accommodate most special, or urgent, work requests you may have.
  • No training costs. My skills and extensive business experience allow me to jump on board with a minimum of instruction. I also take responsibility for the time and costs involved with updating and upgrading my own skills and training.
  • A high quality of work is guaranteed. Working for your business is my business too. Your satisfaction with the job I do for you is extremely important to me and ensures you will invite me to again work for you. Receiving referrals to other businesses is also important to me.

If the time is right for you to delegate and focus more on your own business strengths, then it’s also time for us to connect and let me help you.